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Summary:                Soul Sessions explores the timeless nature of love.  The film follows two soul mates who serendipitously cross paths across many lifetimes, until one decision tears them apart and may alter their destiny forever.

Our Thoughts:         Exceptional film making is more than just a clever storyline and interesting characters.  At its best, it can be a vehicle to challenge our preconceived ideas and thought processes.  No doubt, it can be unsettling to question our deepest held beliefs, particularly when important matters are involved.  But if done right, the audience and filmmakers may share a few nuggets of truth that speak to each of them.

Soul Sessions is our humble attempt to start a dialogue with viewers, where together we will cinematically explore some of life’s most interesting questions.  Why are we here?  What happens after we die?  Do we live just one life or do we live multiple lives?  Do we have a pre-destined life plan, and if so, how does it coexist with free will?

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