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“She stared into my eyes and ran her fingers through my hair, as if she were slowly caressing my soul and washing it clean for the first time.”

“Waking up is a process. For many people on the spiritual path, they spend the first half of their lives trying to form a healthy ego and then spend the second half trying to overcome the ego they’ve built up … sort of like a caterpillar trying to overcome itself and morph into a butterfly.”

“I was mesmerized listening to Katrina, hanging on every word. Deep truths seemed to tumble off her lips like products off an assembly line.”

“With a single glance and well-timed smile, I felt a unique sense of connection. I was drawn to her by a curious pull, as if we had magnetically been brought together, once in close proximity. It was recognition at the soul level … but at the human level, we failed to recognize ourselves as two soul mates brushing up against each other.”

“It doesn’t really seem to matter whether either of us is in a committed relationship with anyone else; sex just happens from time to time. We share the forbidden vice of being enticed more by betrayal than by fidelity.”

“Some people have a sense of emptiness but have no idea what’s lacking in their lives, so they look for external stimulus such as workaholic hours, drugs, addictive relationships, or forbidden sex. They become addicted to the stimulus without even knowing it.”

“When Kelly broke things off, her sad eyes told me all I needed to know. She was lonelier in a relationship with me than when she was alone.”

“Hypnosis, similar to meditation, is a technique to quiet the mind, so the relentless chatter that typically occupies the conscious mind can be silenced. It is through this silence that you become the ‘observer’ of your current or even your past lives. It is here that we conduct psychological forensics. Think of it as past-life archeology, which will give us a more complete understanding of who you really are.”

“These were not random thoughts stumbling into my mind, rather, they were being fed to me like medicine in an IV drip.”

“I’m charmed more by novelty and naughtiness than by authenticity and fidelity. It’s a sad reality.”

“Synchronicity and intuition are essentially a cosmic global positioning system, communicating with us to “re-route” to our most energetic path.”

“This lovely woman had infected me with her fun-loving smile, her wit, her provocative insights, her flirtations, and her veiled shyness. In a matter of hours, she’d penetrated me deeper than any woman before or since.”

“It was as if I’d fallen into a bone-chilling icy lake and emerged in a state of shock, shrouded in sopping-wet clothes. I was alone. So utterly alone in a city of three million people.”

“These beautiful truths had eluded me until now. Prior to meeting Katrina, I’d been unbothered by such important and existential questions.”

“Nick, deep truths don’t shout out to us, rather they whisper to us to come over and take a look for ourselves.”

“I now know why our souls cautiously approached each other in Ann Arbor. For that one shining moment, your dreams were my dreams, your fears were my fears, and your love was my love.”

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