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Patrick Beharelle,

(a.k.a. Carson Gage)

Rather than offer a biography filled with a list of dates, degrees, and career accomplishments, I’d like to share a few of the experiences and choices I’ve encountered that helped shape my world view. I suppose my path to becoming a spiritual seeker began with me flat on my back in the middle of one of Peoria’s busiest streets. Seven years old, I’d just narrowly missed being killed by a speeding car. The front of my bicycle was a heap of mangled metal and I was in a state of shock. Miraculously, the injuries suffered weren’t life threatening, despite being struck at high speed. 

For years, I repressed the terror that flooded my body when my peripheral vision detected an imminent mortal threat. Psychologically, I simply was unprepared to relive that day until many years later … eventually exploring the typical “what if” questions people ask when they’ve had a brush with death. This led to a growing interest in some of life’s most intriguing questions … questions I’d previously been unbothered by. Why are we here? What happens after we die? Do we live just one life or do we have multiple lives? Do we have a pre-life plan, and if so, how does it co-exist with free will? What about karma, is it real? And many others … 

Additionally, events in my twenties and thirties led to an interest in the concepts of synchronicity and soul mates. In college, I met my wife via a wrong number phone call and couldn’t help but wonder whether our initial crossing of paths was pre-ordained or just an odd coincidence. What about other people I’d met over the years? On rare occasion I’d encountered someone new … both of us experiencing an intense, unexplained familiarity … as if we’d known each other for decades.  What had caused these strange feelings?  Knowing many of us become spiritual seekers at some point, Soul Sessions is my humble attempt to start a dialogue with readers, where together we explore some of the big questions in life.

Much love and happiness. 


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