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Page 10

Sometimes I’ve felt like the latest in a long line of successful, handsome men she’s dated, although most have been a good bit older than me. She’s easily charmed by money and a man’s man who puts her in her place. No doubt my manliness score has taken a hit since Atlanta.

When we’re out, she loves to have a girly drink in one hand and a Bella menthol filtered cigarette dangling in the other, irrespective of whether smoking is allowed in the club. Her “game” is to try to appear mysterious and unattainable, although, she has the depth of a kiddy pool.

Page 70

She nodded and smiled. “Is it crazy that when I blow a dog whistle, you hear nothing, yet a dog can hear it clearly? Is it crazy that a bee can detect ultraviolet light to help it find nectar, but you cannot? Is it crazy that we can’t sense radio or television waves, yet we know they are always there? You and I are limited to experiencing the world through the prism of our five senses, Nick. Isn’t it possible there are other vibrational frequencies, energies, or phenomena that we can’t sense? Isn’t it possible that we experience only a narrow sliver of reality?”

Page 114

There was instant chemistry and a clear familiarity for both of us. I’d never been so quickly drawn to a woman as I was with Lindsay. With a single glance and well-timed smile, I felt a unique sense of connection. I was drawn to her by a curious pull, as if we had magnetically been brought together, once in close proximity. It was recognition at the soul level … but at the human level, we failed to recognize ourselves as two soul mates brushing up against each other.

Page 121

When we faced each other in her bed, we gazed into each other’s eyes as our hearts cautiously approached each other … to see if they would welcome each other. I could see the dim light of the bedside lamp reflecting in her crystal green pupils. Normally, I turn away to avoid prolonged eye contact … but not tonight. The mysterious connection was mesmerizing. I saw in her eyes something she was likely seeing in mine: the riddle of love at first sight.

Page 122

For that one and only moment in my life, I felt my soul intertwine with another. Two became one for a few fleeting hours. It was as though my soul had climbed out of a dark hole, only to catch a brief glimpse of freedom.

Then she whispered five simple words: “I like you Nick Dalton.”

I’d heard stronger words before. The handful of “I love you’s,” from other women had always seemed somewhat disingenuous or premature.

But these words, “I like you Nick Dalton,” penetrated several layers deeper than any had before or since. These words were unassailably real. These words mattered.

Page 137

“Nick, destiny points among two soul mates … it works like two powerful magnets in a large bucket of wood chips. Each time the bucket is shaken up, the magnets inexorably move closer together until they eventually meet. In the spirit world and on Earth, soul mates are essentially magnetized with similar vibrational frequencies. These draw attraction to each other and tirelessly seek to come together, while leaving other frequencies unnoticed. It’s the process of like attracting like. It’s the similar frequency that causes you to feel an immediate connection.”

Page 174

She twirled her glasses for a bit and then began to talk slowly, with deliberate emphasis on certain words. “We lose all of our impulses to worry about the day-to-day trivialities. We stop the cycle of feeling incomplete, or of needing to feel more complete by acquiring money, status, and prestige. We stop trying to find happiness from outside circumstances rather than the inside. When we break this cycle, we are on the path to living an awakened life based on love rather than fear.”

She took another sip of her tea and carefully observed my reaction to the words floating in the air. She paused for a moment to let what she’d just said sink in and then she continued, “We no longer fear not having enough or not being good enough. Low-frequency emotions such as jealousy, envy, anger, and sadness are largely impaired. It’s a fundamental shift.”

Page 206

Sacha went on to say, “One key is to transcend motivation by looking for inspiration, which vibrates at a higher frequency than motivation. When you are motivated, you take hold of an idea and focus on achieving objectives, but when you are inspired, the idea takes hold of you in the form of a calling. A right life path is populated with magic moments and guided by synchronous events. Lindsay learned this. When you are following a calling, whether personal or professional, your self-imposed limitations collapse, hibernating talents awaken, and people appear in your life at just the right time.”

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